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Jalan Basuki Rahmat 67 - 73, Surabaya, Indonesia 62-31-5351555
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Jembatan Suramadu of Indonesia
Jembatan Suramadu
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An unforgettable experience on the jembatan suramadu bridge

Soar like an eagle across the longest bridge in Indonesia. This one-of-a-kind suspension bridge rises a dramatic 30 meters above the Straights of Madura, and connects bustling Surabaya with quaint Madura Island. Enjoy a bird's eye view of the surrounding countryside and sea as you travel across this engineering marvel. Locals and visitors alike respect the bridge for the convenience and beauty it lends to the area. Now you can also enjoy scenic vistas and easy access to the activities of Madura Island.


Prices -

Varies, depending on vehicle type. Standard passenger vehicle toll is IDR 15.000. Cross for free on a motorcycle.

Hours -

Open 24/7.


  • Jawa Pos Fit East Java Half Marathon
  • Karapan Sapi (bull racing)
  • Sapi Sono Festival


  • Scenic Views
  • Cultural Festivals
  • Transportation
  • Traditional Bull Racing
  • National Landmark
  • Theater


  • Do I have to pay a toll to cross the bridge?

    Yes. The Indonesian government has implemented a toll system for the bridge to cover infrastructure costs. Current rates are IDR 45.000 for big trucks, IDR 30.000 for middle-sized trucks and IDR 15.000 for passenger vehicles. Motorcycles are exempt from the toll.
  • Can I stop and take pictures at the bridge?

    Unfortunately, because the bridge is designed exclusively for transportation, there is no place to stop along the bridge to take photographs. However, you are free to snap pictures from scenic vistas on either end of the bridge.

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Driving Direction to Jembatan Suramadu
or Wyndham Surabaya
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