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Jalan Basuki Rahmat 67 - 73, Surabaya, Indonesia 62-31-5351555
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Cheng Ho Mosque in Surabaya
Cheng Ho Mosque
Distance from hotel: 1.7 Kms
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Discover a symbol of Unity at Cheng ho mosque surabaya

Culture and art enthusiasts can explore a place where diverse beliefs come together in a shining symbol of acceptance and unity. This Chinese-inspired mosque is covered in striking green, red and yellow and shaped like a pagoda. Exotic reliefs of Chinese lions and dragons peacefully coexist alongside the Arabic letters for Allah at the pagoda's top, and the structure's eight sides symbolize luck and glory, represented by the number 8 in the Chinese language. A school, sports court and canteen round out the complex.


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  • Mandarin Classes
  • Eid al-Fitr
  • Ramadhan Celebration


  • Prayer & Worship
  • Education
  • Architecture
  • Sports
  • History
  • Dining


  • Can anyone pray at the mosque?

    The Cheng Ho Mosque represents a union of two cultures - Chinese and Islam. The mosque can accommodate up to 200 worshippers and functions as both a place of prayer and rest for those observing Ramadan. The mosque welcomes people of different faiths.
  • What activities can I find at the Mosque?

    In addition to daily prayer, the mosque complex includes a kindergarden school, canteen, Mandarin classes and sports courts. Visitors can learn Mandarin, enjoy local delicacies, play basketball and meditate here.

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